Breastfeeding help

It’s normal to have lots of concerns, worries and uncertainty with a new baby and things always crop up along the way as they get older too. We’ve got support to get you through.

If you are worried or have any questions about breastfeeding please check out our support page for details of support in your area.

Why is my baby feeding all the time?

In the first weeks and months of your baby's life, frequent feeds are essential for ...
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Will I ever sleep again?!

  There's no getting away from it: the first few weeks and months (or years, ...
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Returning to work

You may be going back to work and are worrying about how breastfeeding is going ...
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Emotions and breastfeeding

Being pregnant and becoming a parent is one of the biggest upheavals in life and ...
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Twins and multiples

Breastfeeding when you're having more than one baby can bring a its own challenges, but ...
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Dealing with leaks

In the early weeks as your body gets used to breastfeeding and how much milk ...
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Breastfeeding beyond six months

If you're enjoying breastfeeding, you can continue for as long as you and your baby ...
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Introducing solid foods

In their first year, babies will be getting most of their energy and nutrients from ...
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When you’re ready to stop

Stopping breastfeeding often happens gradually as your child grows and eats more solid foods. This ...
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