Before baby arrives

Thinking about breastfeeding? Learn about the benefits and how to get ready to start once baby arrives. Watch our ‘Before baby arrives’ playlist to find out more.

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Mother holding her newborn baby after labor in a hospital.

How to get off to a good start breastfeeding

Finding out about breastfeeding during pregnancy will help you feel more confident about getting off ...
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Mother holding baby's hand

How to keep baby calm and help grow their brain

Breastfeeding and cuddles with mum and partner are a big comfort to little people out ...
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Mother in hospital bed with newborn

What do I need to breastfeed?

One of the benefits of breastfeeding is you won't need anything to get you started. ...
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A young mother is breastfeeding her baby in a cafe while she is having a coffee

Reasons to breastfeed

Breastmilk has everything a baby needs. It contains water, vitamins, minerals, fats and carbohydrates for ...
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Black mum and baby

Myths about breastfeeding

You can't eat spicy food. Everyone needs a balanced diet but that's even more important ...
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Newborn breastfeeding

What is colostrum?

Colostrum is the first milk your breasts produce. It's known as liquid gold as it's ...
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