One of the benefits of breastfeeding is you won’t need anything to get you started. You might need things like bottles, sterilisers and formula milk at some point, but they aren’t necessary for every breastfeeding journey so there’s no need to buy them ‘just in case’ before your baby arrives.

Buying things as and when you might need them will save you spending on things you may never use.

A nursing vest or bra with a drop down top for easy access are useful and you may be times you leak when you’re between feeds, or you may leak from the opposite side while you’re feeding. If that’s the case, having some breast pads to catch the leak will also be useful.

A sling or carrier can help keep your baby close, especially if you have other children to look after.  There are lots of different types of sling to choose from. You can find out more about them at one of our sling libraries. These are supportive spaces where you’ll get guidance to help you find the best sling for you. Find out more on our Useful links’ page.

Peer supporter Sara has some tips on what you need to breastfeed here:


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